Anne M. Sydor, PhD

Director of Research Development and Communications

About Anne

Anne M. Sydor, PhD, is the Director of Research Development and Communications, responsible for pursuing research funding and disseminating GHLF and partners’ research results as broadly as possible to benefit patients. Anne earned her BS in molecular biology from the University of Wisconsin and her PhD in neurobiology from Harvard University. After completing her formal education, she continued learning across many areas of clinical medicine as a publisher of educational medical content. She has received training in project management, process improvement–earning a black belt in Lean Six Sigma, and instructional design. Anne also founded and ran a successful independent consulting business, providing research design, data analysis, and publishing expertise to multiple clients. As a dedicated researcher and life-long learner, Anne credits her three children as her best and most impactful teachers. Through her role as a parent and care partner and personal experience with migraine and depression, she has become a passionate advocate for person-centered medicine, health equity, and positive uses of technology.

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