Patient-Focused Economic and Policy Research

The Patient-Focused Economic and Policy Research Division
at the Global Healthy Living Foundation

At Global Healthy Living Foundation, we believe that equity, access, and affordability are paramount in the well-being of patients we serve. Unfortunately, economic and policy matters often undermine these principles to the detriment of patients. GHLF needs to examine how such issues impact patients’ financial and humanistic outcomes.

Our center promises to investigate such problems through primary research, which are then promoted through our various social media platforms as well as conventional media. Our researchers also address these important topics through opinion editorials, speaking engagements, and our world-class podcast series – Healthcare Matters. Our experts have published extensively and referenced the impact of biopharmaceuticals and health policies on costs and clinical outcomes in the most prominent medical sources and media publications, including the Clinical Economics and Outcomes Research, The Oncologist, Journal of Vaccines and Vaccinations, Health Economics Policy and Law, Health Science Journal, USA Today, Washington Examiner, Managed Healthcare Executive, The Hill and Morning Consult. They are sought-after speakers and have been invited to provide detailed presentations, briefings and expert reviews for the U.S. Congress, dozens of state legislatures, and at conferences and medical symposiums around the world.

Areas of Research Focus:

  • Impact of accumulator adjustment program bans on insurance premiums
  • How rebate contracting reform will lower healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes
  • The economic impact of prior authorization policies in the U.S.
  • COVID-19 vaccine patents
  • How ensuring access to cancer diagnostics improves patient access and equity in healthcare
  • Impact of Medicare benefit design on access
  • How formulary exclusions undermine patient access
  • How step therapy administrative focus destabilizes patient and healthcare professional decision-making
  • Access to healthcare services in low-income communities across the United States

We continually develop new partnerships with academia, think tanks, and other like-minded organizations that believe in patient equity, access, and affordability as the cornerstone of a healthy society. If you would like to partner with us on a project, or have ideas for a topic we should research, contact Robert Popovian, Chief Science Policy Officer.

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Opinion Editorials

Morning Consult – Opinion Editorials



Healthcare Matters – GHLF Podcast


  • Presenter, National Association Boards of Pharmacy, A Closer Look at FDA’s Interchangeable Biosimilar Approvals, February 2022
  • Presenter/Moderator, World Vaccines Congress, December 2021
  • Keynote speaker, Northeast Business Group on Health, Pharmacy Benefits Strategie Now and Later, December 2021
  • Presentation, 2021 IEEE Healthcare: Blockchain & AI – Decentralized Clinical Trials: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Festival of Biologics Conference 2021.
  • Wisconsin, July 21, 2020, Meeting of Governor’s Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices
  • NORD (National Organization of Rare Diseases) Summit, The Time is Now: Addressing Affordability While Sustaining Innovation
  • Concordia University The 2019 Healthcare Economics Summit – Drug Pricing Panel
  • National Minority Quality Forum Annual Meeting (2019) – Leadership Summit & Health Braintrust: Spring Health Braintrust Panel 1
  • The Hill, Overcoming Obstacles: Patient Access to Innovation, March 2019
  • Financial Times, Financial Pressures and Healthcare Reform, September 2018
  • FDA/CMS Summit, Obstacles, Reimbursement, and Leverage Opportunities for Boosting Competition and Adoption of Biosimilars in US Market, December 2017
  • Sino-American Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Professional Association, Market Based Solutions in Making Medicines Affordable, Lowering Healthcare Costs and Protecting Biopharmaceutical Innovation, June 2017
  • Texas Healthcare and Biosciences Summit: Value of Innovation and Drug Development, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021
  • Center for Economic Development CED 2016 Fall Policy Conference: Quality, Affordable Care for America’s Seniors
  • Deloitte Center for Health Solutions and The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation: Delivering medical innovation In a Value-Based World, February 15, 2016
  • Building a 21st Century Health Care System: Aligning Policy, Accelerating Cures, Delivering Hope, August 2014, Using Data to Support Patient-Centered Innovation – Manhattan Institute and Tufts School of Medicine
  • Connected Health, Better Adherence – NEHI, Prescription for Better Health and PhRMA, Jan 2014, The Future: How should we shape health IT policy to support proper medication use and improved adherence?
  • American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, 2011 Annual Meeting, US Policies Surrounding Pharmaceutical Innovation
  • Academic & Industry Intersection Conference: Profiles of Success, Georgia BIO and Emory University, 2011, Future of Industry and Physician Relations “Our Path Forward”
  • Minnesota Physician Publishing, 2009, Health care reform panel discussion
  • American Psychiatric Association, Annual Meeting, 2005, Promises and Politics of Evidence-Based Medicine
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