James Dybisz

Associate Director of Technology

About James

James Dybisz, Associate Director of Technology, is responsible for the creation, management, improvement, alteration, and upkeep of intellectual property hosted on GHLF’s 18+ global, multi-language websites.

His knowledge of interactive design, game and website development includes online marketing, e-commerce, tech support, programming, and debugging software platforms including artificial intelligence text-based, themed image generation, dynamic language translation and dynamic data delivery. His online and app-based software includes patient health tracking, advocacy, research, education, and scientific data management. He manages the analytics, search engine optimization, and website marketing data of the entire GHLF portfolio.

James is responsible for the support systems that supplement the websites, including security, encryption, automated backups, user data, employee access, survey data retention and organization, and server upkeep.

He developed and maintains the registration component of PatientSpot, GHLF’s popular 48,000-strong patient registry and community support web and smartphone app which is an FDA-approved Grade One medical device for mobile patient information documentation and medical survey participation. In addition, he has integrated research studies into the registration component of PatientSpot using dynamic responsiveness and conditional logic to alter the user experience to specific needs.

James helped create the GHLF podcast network – a portfolio of more than twenty healthcare podcasts on 30-plus landing pages. His work on podcasts, combined with YouTube, which he also supports, achieved more than 1 million views and listens in 2023. In addition, he originated and produced the “Dungeons and Diagnoses” podcast – a first-of-its-kind mix of medieval fantasy and medical awareness. It was featured in Wizards of The Coast’s official Dungeons and Dragons talk show “Dragon Talk.”

He is also the lead game designer and primary developer for PlatinumSpot, a gamified interactive user experience for the GHLF portfolio of websites.

James received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Interactive Design and Development, and won the 2nd place Entelechy Award for participation in his senior team project. Since graduating, James has worked in information technology at Inc. Magazine, and as an IT contractor for GrubHub, and Nars Cosmetics. James has also volunteered at social and digital events, where he has hosted cooperative gatherings for people interested in interactive design and entertainment.

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