Laurie Ferguson, PhD

Director, Education Development

About Laurie

Laurie J Ferguson PhD is the Director of Patient Well-Being. As a clinical psychologist, she offers expertise on patient-centered programming and educational needs that come with chronic health conditions. Her area of research focuses on developing resilient attitudes and behaviors, particularly in times of chronic pain and stress. Her national and international workshops focus on dealing with transitions and life challenges. She wrote a column for patients, and has appeared in numerous webcasts and podcasts, including GHLF’s Thriving While Aching. As a health and motivational speaker, she addresses physicians and patient groups. She is a co- author for Overachiever’s Diary, a story of the swim training of the West Point triathlon team. She holds an AB cum laud from Smith College, a Masters from Princeton Seminary and a Ph.d from Adelphi University. Dr. Ferguson also has a private therapy practice in Tappan NY.

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