GHLF is proud to present our exciting new program Guiding Lights: Beacons for Better Health, featuring our inaugural honorees, or “beacons.”

In general, beacons help guide us, often through darkness. For people in our community, darkness is often felt in the many unknowns of managing and living with a chronic illness.

GHLF’s beacons are patients, caregivers, and health care providers who are here to help — to shine a light on the steps needed toward a path of overall wellness and better health. Our beacons guide others away from pitfalls and toward the support of a global chronic disease community. Their advocacy efforts show patients that they are not alone.

GHLF is proud to amplify their stories, work, and passion.

Meet the Beacons

Ana Vieira

Patient Advocate

Marinha Grande, Portugal

Cristina Montoya, RD

Patient Advocate

Ontario, Canada

Dr. Carlo Caballero, MD, PhD

Past President Panamerican League of Associations of Rheumatology, (PANLAR)

Barranquilla, Colombia

Dr. Grace Wright, MD, PhD, FACR

President and Founder of the Association of Women in Rheumatology

New York, USA

Judy Nagy

Patient Advocate

Ohio, USA

Michael Kuluva

Patient Advocate

Ontario, Canada

Mike Schweitz, MD

Volunteer rheumatologist with the John Whelton Arthur Virshup CreakyJoints South Florida Arthritis Clinics, past President of the Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations (CSRO), and past President of the Florida Society of Rheumatology.

Florida, USA

Rosemary Ainley

CreakyJoints Australia Editor and Patient Advocate

Victoria, Australia

Sarah Doaty, MD, FACP

Rheumatologist at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

Washington, USA

This is just a small sampling of the many beacons around the world who work tirelessly to provide support and spread awareness about chronic illness. Stay tuned to meet more remarkable patient advocates and health care providers.

Guiding Lights: Beacons for Better Health Podcast Mini-series:

Check out our mini-series episodes below (or wherever you listen to podcasts) for honest and in-depth discussions between our beacons and host, Conner Mertens, GHLF Patient Advocate and Community Outreach Manager. For more valuable resources and inspiration for managing your chronic illness, be sure to explore our GHLF Podcast Network . Encourage your family and friends to listen, too, so more people, like you, find us.

Featured Article

Guiding Lights: Beacons for Better Health

The Global Healthy Living Foundation is proud to present our new program Guiding Lights: Beacons for Better Health, featuring patients advocates and health care providers who are helping to shine the way for others in the chronic illness community.

One of the best ways to help people understand the challenges of living with a chronic illness is to raise your voice by becoming a patient advocate.

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