Become A 50-State Network Advocate

Thank You For Your Interest in the 50-State Network

Joining the 50-State Network takes just a few minutes, and then you will be plugged into a nation-wide and state-by-state community of other like-minded people who are living with chronic conditions (or love someone who is). Together, we share our strength, experience, wants and needs as a patient community so that we can raise our voices with our healthcare decision-makers. The sign up takes less than 5 minutes and will help our team aid you in becoming the best advocate possible. Joining our network is free and we promise not to share this information with anyone, what we will do is:

1. Have a team member from our 50-State Network call you personally to get to know you and your story

2. Notify you on pressing issues in your state and how you can advocate

We look forward to advocating with you!

We need your voice. Join our network to effect change and make health care more affordable and accessible to patients with chronic illness.

Become an Advocate

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