Delve into the realm of Gaedia:
a world where fantasy and reality combine!

Explore a new twist on the Dungeons and Dragons© universe that brings the lives of those who have different lifestyles, live with conditions, and are differently abled, to the forefront.

Episode 14

The party finally confront the Warlock that has summoned the Nihil, though they quickly learn that the situation they once perceived may not be exactly what they expected.

Episode 13

The party’s journey through the dark tower continues, facing obstacles unlike anything they’ve ever seen. The threats the tower has to offer them catches them by surprise.

Episode 12

The conjuring point of the Nihil is found, heavily guarded and laced with new challenges. The party must steel their resolve and use their talents wisely, for one misstep could mean certain doom for them and Nylie.

Episode 11

Upon meeting Drydeos, the ancient Brass Dragon and defender of the land, for the first time in person, the magnitude of their quest is finally fully revealed. Traveling to where the Nihil are spawning from, each member of the party undergo a personal journey that they might not have expected.

Episode 10

The party find the entrance to Drydeos’ cove, only to discover a riddle that blocks passage through. What lies beyond the barrier, however, is stranger still.

Episode 09

The party continue their combat on the coast of Western Gaedia and, as the party starts to look like they’re going to lose, something unexpected happens.

Episode 08

With Drydeos on the horizon, the party take to the sea, but troubled waters loom ahead.

Episode 07

The party find their path, but learn it is a natural obstacle course of cliffside rocks and crashing ocean waves. Can they find a way to continue?

Episode 06

The party rescue Nylie and learn where Drydeos resides, but need to rest for the night. However, even a simple night camping is fraught with danger and adventure.

EXTRA – Episode 05 1/2

In this EXTRA episode, the Dungeon Master interviews each player about their connections to their character and how they incorporate the life experience into their stories.

Episode 05

Nylie has been captured! The party clash with the Sawtooth clan to rescue her!

Episode 04

After a meeting with the Jarl, the party attempt to reconvene with Nylie, the Dragonborn woman Elrohir met before the assault.

Episode 03

The heroes are summoned to the Jarl’s palace, where they are tasked with investigating Drydeos’ strange absence.

Episode 02

After the attack on the city, the heroes attempt to assist the people and learn the name of their enemies: the Nihil.

Episode 01

The heroes begin their adventure and witness a calamity thrust upon the city of WestHold. What will happen? Brought to you by  See for privacy information.


James Rocco Dybisz
BFA – Interactive Design and Game Development

Dungeon Master

James attended Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007, where he first learned how to play Dungeons and Dragons. With a focus in programming video games, James tied in his game design studies into tabletop interactive adventures. Ever since then, James has played as both a player and a dungeon master. After working for The Global Healthy Living Foundation for a few years, he saw how passionate people are about raising awareness about the conditions they live with, as well as different lifestyles and chronic conditions. Not many people realize that the gaming community and the healthcare awareness community are not mutually exclusive. This show brings that to the forefront.

Grayson Schultz


Grayson Schultz began experiencing symptoms of Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (SJIA) shortly after starting kindergarten. What followed was a tumultuous childhood without proper medical care, leading to a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder in adulthood. Now, with his health under better control, Grayson spends most of his free time focused on communication, sexual education, and disability rights. When not working on a million projects, he can be found streaming games on Twitch, cooking up a storm, and hiking with his partner McGravin and their doggos Hank and Dean. You can find Grayson’s work across the internet at

Jen Walker

Taakrand Ulura Elsinore

I am a chronic illness patient that began my journey in 2011 with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I have added multiple other autoimmune diseases and conditions in the last ten years. I use art and the spoken word to handle the change, stress, anxiety, depression and grief that comes with the unknown in my body. I have never played DnD before, but adored infusing my genderfluid character Taakrand Ulura with my analytical, shape shifting self. I hope that my journey reflects a little bit of the struggle we all face as professional patients. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok as Unexpected Advocate. My art is located at

Ned Sheppa


What’s up, everyone!? My name is Ned Sheppa, and I’ve been an Role-Playing Game player across all platforms since I was a kid. We had payphones. But, it is so awesome to do this. Having psoriasis, and arthritis in my feet, I’m having a blast representing the community in a way that we all have a great time


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