Welcome to “From Hair to There: Life with Alopecia,” a podcast series dedicated to uniting voices and providing resources to support individuals living with alopecia areata. Tune in as we explore the multifaceted world of alopecia areata with patients and health care professionals from around the world. The series explores patient journeys from diagnosis to treatment, emphasizing comprehensive care and community support for alopecia areata. It highlights the holistic approach needed for this condition, which is more than just hair loss — it’s an emotional, mental, and communal experience that transcends borders.

Whether you’re a patient, caregiver, health care provider, or simply someone looking to learn more, this podcast offers insights into the challenges and triumphs of life with alopecia. Tune in to discover how we’re bridging gaps and building a stronger, more informed community together. 


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In this first season, we dive into the experiences of the alopecia areata community, with a spotlight on narratives that, while rooted in the Canadian and Australian contexts, resonate universally. Through stories of resilience, hope and empowerment, our interviews seek to improve awareness and encourage self-advocacy by highlighting the supportive community that extends to the approximately 1,290,000 Canadians and Australians — and the many other millions across the globe — navigating life with alopecia areata.

In Episode 1, meet Dr. Cathryn Sibbald, a dermatologist specializing in autoimmune skin conditions, and Anthony, an alopecia areata patient and advocate.

Anthony offers a heartfelt account of his journey with alopecia areata, emphasizing the power of advocacy and community support. Dr. Sibbald discusses current treatment options, and her involvement in recent clinical studies.

Together, their insights provide a comprehensive view of the challenges and advancements in alopecia areata care, offering hope for patients with hair loss.

In Episode 2, join alopecia areata patients and advocates Sara, Christal, and Lauryn, and clinical psychologist Dr. Laurie Ferguson, as they discuss the emotional and mental dimensions of alopecia areata.

Sara, Christal, and Lauryn share their unique patient journeys, touching on identity, social perceptions, and the road to self-acceptance. Dr. Ferguson offers insights into the psychological challenges faced by alopecia patients, emphasizing the importance of community support and mental health care. Together, they highlight how empathy, understanding, and connection can help individuals see alopecia as more than just hair loss.

In Episode 3, we dive into a holistic exploration of alopecia areata with Nazin, a patient and advocate, dermatologist Dr. Julien Ringuet, and clinical psychologist Dr. Laurie Ferguson.

Nazin shares her personal battle with alopecia, detailing the emotional toll and transformative journey toward acceptance. Dr. Ringuet discusses the latest in alopecia areata treatments and Dr. Ferguson brings to light the critical role of mental health support, advocating for a team-based approach with medical and psychological perspectives. Together, they offer hope and practical strategies for living well with alopecia areata.

In this episode, we chat with professor Rodney Sinclair, who is a world leader in hair loss and dermatology and Director of Sinclair Dermatology.

Professor Sinclair discusses some of the new treatments for alopecia areata, such as JAK inhibitors and their impact on patients, including cost and accessibility as well as the importance of early diagnosis to improve the chances of hair regrowth.

Other topics discussed include the role hairdressers and psychologists can play in providing emotional support to patients.

Chel Campbell, Founder of the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF), shares how organizations like hers can help patients and families affected by the condition. She explains how adults and children can access practical resources and why connecting patients with each other can provide empathetic support and friendship.

We’re also joined by Leanne Raditsas. Her story began 15 years ago when a small bald patch eventually led to her becoming completely bald. With the right support and access to an advanced treatment, Leanne explains how she regained a full head of hair.

Co-hosts Naomi Creek, National Coordinator, GHLF Australia, and registered psychologist and alopecia patient Jo Burch are joined by Katie Hale, who was diagnosed with alopecia eight years ago at age 23.

In this episode, Katie discusses the mental impact of having rapid hair loss, how this affected her social and work life, and the strategies she has learned along the way. She also discusses how learning to accept her condition and “going bald” has helped her feel empowered and made her an outspoken advocate for others living with alopecia.


In this section of “From Hair to There”, we bring you additional stories from alopecia areata patients, caregivers, and health care professionals across continents, cultures and languages, exploring the diverse experiences of living with this condition. Each episode aims to unite our community by showcasing the universal challenges, similarities, and unique health care practices for alopecia areata around the world. Join us as we foster a global dialogue and advocate for the best treatment options and holistic, team-based care. Together, we can strengthen our support networks and push boundaries in alopecia areata care everywhere.

In this episode recorded in Japanese, we welcome Ms. Akiko Yamazaki from the non-profit organization Japan Alopecia Areata Foundation. Ms. Yamazaki sheds light on the current situation of patients with alopecia areata in Japan, including prejudices associated with alopecia areata, the societal challenges, and the importance of fostering a community of people living with the same disease. The episode is a warm reminder that you are not alone.

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Adam Kegley, MA, MS,
Manager of Global Partnerships, GHLF

Adam plays a role in GHLF’s expansion into new territories while maintaining a strong local presence. He has master’s degrees in International Relations, Strategic Negotiations, and Diplomacy from Arcadia University’s American Graduate School and the Université Paris-Saclay.


Supriya Surender
Alopecia Areata Patient & Advocate

Supriya lives with alopecia areata, which caused her to lose all of her hair at age 32. She has spent the last eight years finding ways to make peace with the pain. A lemonade out of lemons kind of gal, Supriya shares her hair loss story on her social media platform, BaldieBoo, where she talks about the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, and everything in between. She knows personally how hard hair loss can be and hopes her story will help others who are struggling.


Naomi Creek,
National Coordinator, GHLF Australia

At GHLF Australia, Naomi coordinates education, advocacy, and support activities for their patient and carer community. She works closely with patient groups, health care organizations, and health care professionals to identify Australian community needs and create relevant and helpful resources.

Naomi has lived with rheumatoid arthritis since age 12, fueling her passion as an advocate for others living with arthritis and chronic conditions. She believes patients must have access to the right resources to understand their condition and feel empowered to manage their own health. Naomi has an extensive background as a patient representative and volunteer community leader, including leading the Young Women’s Arthritis Support Group (YWASG) for 10 years in Melbourne and being a board director and community speaker at Arthritis Victoria.


Jo Burch,
Registered psychologist and alopecia patient

Jo has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults in a variety of contexts including public and private health services, educational institutions and private practice. Jo has widespread knowledge in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of mental health concerns. She brings a warm, solution focussed, collaborative and engaged approach in assisting her clients to cope with and manage their difficulties. Jo has a particular interest and is skilled in treating eating disorders. Jo also specialises in supporting clients with alopecia/ hair loss related disorders.  Jo was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in July 2019. This was quite a surprise and challenge. Jo had to apply many of the strategies she leant as psychologist to dealing with her own hair loss situation. Jo saw volunteering with Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF) as a positive and beneficial opportunity, which in turn has helped her deal with her own alopecia journey.


“From Hair to There: Life with Alopecia” is a new podcast series produced by the non-profit Global Healthy Living Foundation, and made possible with support from Pfizer. The series explores patient journeys from diagnosis to treatment, emphasizing comprehensive care and community support for alopecia areata.

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