CreakyJoints Renews Commitment to Fundación FER to Support a Spanish-language Arthritis Education Radio Program


CreakyJoints Renews Commitment to Fundación FER to Support a Spanish-language Arthritis Education Radio Program

PUBLISHED 10/15/19





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CreakyJoints Renews Commitment to Fundación FER to Support a Spanish-language Arthritis Education Radio Program

UPPER NYACK, NY (*date*) – CreakyJoints®, a Global Healthy Living Foundation patient community, today announced its renewed commitment to sponsor “Hablemos de Reumatología con Fundación FER,” a 30-minute, Saturday morning program airing on Radio Isla 1320 in Puerto Rico to provide arthritis and rheumatology education to its listeners. Since launching in 2016, Fundación FER, a Puerto Rico-based organization promoting education, research, support and empowerment for people with rheumatic conditions, has produced more than 70 podcasts airing via AM radio, social media portals, and streaming services.

“We’re no longer limited by antennas and geography because on-demand talk show formats allow anyone to access information conveniently and easily,” said Seth Ginsberg, president and co-founder of CreakyJoints. “We are excited and proud to again partner with Fundación FER to increase awareness of all arthritis conditions and bridge the arthritis knowledge gap under the guidance of our Medical Advocacy Liaison, Dr. Daniel Hernandez.”

Hispanic People Have High Arthritis Prevalence

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the prevalence of patients with a lower than optimal disease management among adults with arthritis is one of the highest for Hispanics in the United States and Puerto Rico. More than 3.1 million Hispanics in the United States live with arthritis, and one out of five reported severe pains in their joints and restricted movement. The CDC noted in its report that among Hispanics, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans are the most affected.[i]

“We know there is a huge knowledge gap existing among Hispanic patients and their understanding of their disease,” said Dr. Oscar Soto-Raices, President of the Fundacion Puertorriqueña de Enfermedades Reumaticas (FER).  “Hablemos de Reumatología con Fundación FER is an important opportunity to raise awareness about the long-term management of arthritis.”

“Since we’ve started this program, we’ve had positive responses from Spanish-speaking patients all around the world, including all parts of Puerto Rico, throughout the United States, and from as far away as Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Honduras, Spain, and others,” said Griselle Lugo, executive director and program host. “Clearly, our program is resonating with the arthritis community. We’re thrilled that CreakyJoints’ support will allow us to continue this vital service.”

CreakyJoints will sponsor the next 26 “Hablemos de Reumatología con Fundación FER” episodes.

About Fundación FER

Fundación Puertorriqueña de Enfermedades Reumáticas, Inc. (Fundacion FER) was founded in 2009 by a group of rheumatologists concerned about the rheumatic patients care and well being. Our three major foundations are:


Create a non-profit organization to promote research, channel services and education for patients with rheumatic conditions.


To contribute to the general well-being of the patient with rheumatic conditions so that they reach a healthier, active and productive life.


To be the leading organization that promotes education, research, support and empowerment of patients with rheumatic conditions.”

Fundación FER has impacted thousands of people in the past 10 years, enriching the community of rheumatic patients with knowledge for the best management of their conditions. For more information you can access or contact the Executive Director via email [email protected]. We are on social networks on Facebook: FER Foundation, and YouTube: FER Foundation

About CreakyJoints
CreakyJoints is a digital community for millions of arthritis patients and caregivers worldwide who seek education, support, advocacy, and patient-centered research. We represent patients through our popular social media channels, our website, and the 50-State Network, which includes more than 1,500 trained volunteer patient, caregiver and healthcare activists.

As part of the Global Healthy Living Foundation, CreakyJoints also has a patient-reported outcomes registry called ArthritisPower® with more than 19,000 consented arthritis patients who track their disease while volunteering to participate in longitudinal and observational research. CreakyJoints also publishes the popular “Raising the Voice of Patients” series, which are downloadable patient-centered navigational tools for managing chronic illness. For more information and to become a member (for free), visit To participate in our patient-centered research program, visit

[i] My Cleveland Clinic. Accessed on 10/1/2019

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About Global Healthy Living Foundation
The Global Healthy Living Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for people with chronic illnesses (such as arthritis, osteoporosis, migraine, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, and cardiovascular disease) by advocating for improved access to health care at the community, state, and federal levels, and amplifying education and awareness e!orts within its social media framework. GHLF is also a staunch advocate for vaccines. The Global Healthy Living Foundation is the parent organization of CreakyJoints®, the digital community for millions of arthritis patients and caregivers worldwide who seek education, support, activism, and patient-centered research through our ArthritisPower® ( Research Registry. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, GHLF started a Patient Support Program, informed by a patient council made up of people living with a wide range of chronic illnesses, that now serves more than 30,000 people. Via CreakyJoints, GHLF also hosts PainSpot (, a digital risk-assessment tool for musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, and eRheum (, for telehealth and virtual-care support. Visit for more information.

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