Get ready to revolutionize your understanding of vaccines and community health! This eye-opening podcast series will tackle the most pressing topics in the realm of vaccines, from debunking myths to advocating for public health.

Our hosts make it their mission to translate medical jargon into bite-sized, actionable insights. Whether you’ve been curious about the latest vaccine developments or are just looking for credible health advice, “Informed Immunity” has got you covered.

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Episode 1:
Demystifying Vaccines

Episode 1

Ever wondered how vaccines actually work? Or maybe you’ve heard rumors linking vaccines to autism or fertility issues?

In our inaugural episode, Dr. Hernandez and Angel Tapia clear the air, separating fact from fiction. From the mechanics of vaccines to the science behind boosters, this episode is your ultimate guide to making informed health decisions. Tune in now and become a vaccine myth-buster!

Episode 2:
All About Vaccines for Chronic Illness Patients – Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccine Information

Episode 2

If you’re managing a chronic illness, you won’t want to miss this episode. We delve into the world of influenza and pneumococcal vaccines, revealing their crucial role in protecting those with chronic conditions.

Learn what the CDC has to say, and why these vaccines are more significant than you might think. Hit play and get the knowledge you need to stay healthy year-round!

Episode 3:
All About Vaccines for Chronic Illness Patients – RSV and COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Episode 3

In this must-listen-to episode, we dissect the critical role of RSV vaccines in averting severe complications for those with chronic illnesses. We also address what’s new in the 2023–2024 COVID-19 vaccine guidelines, tailored for various age brackets and those with compromised immune systems.

Tune in and take control of your health today!

Episode 4:
Q&A Session on Vaccines for Patients with Chronic Illness: Your Questions Answered

Episode 4

Ever felt overwhelmed by the sea of information — and myths — surrounding vaccines? In this Q&A, Dr. Hernandez and Angel Tapia tackle your burning questions about vaccines, from RSV to flu shots, pneumococcal diseases, and even COVID-19. Learn the importance of vaccines post-pandemic and the safety of multiple vaccinations. Tune in and empower your health knowledge.


GHLF is dedicated to promoting accurate, evidence-based insights on vaccines and vaccine research. We consistently provide resources that highlight the importance of vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, we advocate for collaborative decision-making between patients and health care providers while creating content tailored to both patients and policymakers.


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Daniel Hernandez, MD

Director of Medical Affairs and Hispanic Outreach

Daniel Hernandez, MD, leads our medical team of consulting physicians as well as Hispanic outreach across all disease states and countries. Daniel was born in El Paso, Texas. He graduated with a Biology degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio, received his MD from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, and co-founded the International Medical Graduate section of the National Hispanic Medical Association.

Angel Tapia

Senior Patient Advocate, Hispanic Community Outreach Manager

Angel Tapia is a patient advocate that works in outreach to our Hispanic community. Angel helps support research and education projects and assist with the translation of services. Angel also helps manage social media platforms such as LinkedIn and the soon to be launched Facebook Español. She is one of the newest staff members and has been with GHLF since October of 2020.

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