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Living with a chronic illness is tough, and dealing with health insurance doesn't make it any easier. That's why we've put together this guide on health insurance and Open Enrollment 2020.  

Learn how to get covered, how to tell if your medication is covered, and important things to watch out for.

The more you know, the less you'll owe.

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A Patient's Guide To Insurance Enrollment

Choose what best describes you:

My employer offers health insurance.I need to buy my own health insurance.I’m over age 65 or I have a disability.

Find out what questions to ask about your employer-sponsored health insurance.

Find your state’s open enrollment period, how to sign up for a marketplace plan, and more.

If you are disabled or age 65 and up, you qualify for Medicare. Learn more about Medicare, when to enroll, what’s covered, and more.

There are 5 important things to consider when choosing a health insurance plan that is right for you, especially if you are living with a chronic illness.

Learn about the various financial assistance programs available. 

If you have a private insurance plan, there are several ways that you can find financial assistance to help cover your out-of-pocket costs.

Get financial assistance for your medication


Find out if you should expect a delay in getting your prescription.

Find out if your medication requires prior authorization. If it does, your healthcare provider must fax a request to the insurance company for approval before you can pick it up from the pharmacy.

Find out if your health plan requires prior authorization


Avoid plans with a copay accumulator adjuster program.

These programs, which can be found in some health insurance plans, do not allow copay cards to go towards your final deductible. Learn more about copay accumulator adjuster programs.

Learn more about accumulator adjuster programs


Find out what out-of-pocket costs you’re responsible for. 

Your health insurance plan’s deductible, copayment, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximum determine how much you will end up paying for care. Learn more about each of these factors.

Familiarize yourself with these terms


Find out if your medication is covered. 

Each health insurance plan has a list of covered drugs, known as a formulary. Read our step-by-step instructions on how to find out if your prescription is on your plan's formulary.

Find out if your prescription is on your insurer's formulary