Anyone with a chronic illness who would like to engage with and learn more about state and national health policy and regulation in order to improve barriers to care.

A patient is able to tell their story and engage in various advocacy methods such contacting elected officials, writing letters, signing and/or creating petitions, posting on social media and testifying at the state and national level. Some advocates have also written op-eds in local publications and interviewed with local media.

You can advocate from any where you would like including your bed, your living room couch or your local coffee shop. Global Healthy Living Foundation is based in Upper Nyack, New York, however, we have a presence in Washington, D.C. and are constantly traveling to state capitols.

No previous experience is necessary. People of all levels of understanding are welcome. We guide you through every step of your advocacy experience.

It is up to you. You can join short virtual meetings or go so far as to testify in front of state legislature which can take half a day out of your year.

We stay connected through monthly network updates and weekly news emails

There are so many reasons. Here are some reasons why other’s have joined:

  • “To make people aware of the many autoimmune diseases.”
  • “To have input in important issues currently being considered.”
  • “To make sure patients voices are heard.”
  • “To be my own advocate.”
  • “To share my story.”
  • “To make living with chronic illness better for everyone.”
  • “To help other’s find their voices.”
  • “To help people get the coverage they need.”

No, joining and participating does not cost anything.

The 50-State Network is bi-partisan and non-political

The 50-State Network is a project funded by the Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF). GHLF is a 501c3 non-profit that receives funding from corporate partners including pharmaceutical companies, government, and grants from private foundations. We do not solicit donations from patients or our members.

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