Wish You Could Bill Your Insurance Company for All Those Wasted Hours? Raise Your Voice Here – Thank You

Thank You!

In a fair world you should be compensated at least $0 for the 0 hours wasted by your insurance company.

How did we come up with this number?

Research regarding patient time has increased in recent years. That includes efforts to place a monetary value on patients’ time. Attributing a Monetary Value to Patients’ Time: A Contingent Valuation Approach (van den Berg et al., 2017) estimated patient waiting time, travel time, and treatment time can be worth as much as $35.67, $15.64, and $15.79 per hour, respectively. On average, that is $22.37 per hour. To more precisely estimate the value of patients’ time, research must continue which accounts for the specialized knowledge patients have about their own experiences and disease.

We will combine and de-identify information from everyone who participates. This data, WITHOUT your name attached, will be used in the media, correspondence with insurers, legislators in an effort to bring this patient problem into focus with those who can help fix it. Thank you.

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