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Extra, Part II – TikTok Migraine Doc

Although it’s been framed as a “middle-aged white woman’s disease,” migraine doesn’t discriminate; it affects one in seven people across all genders and race. But the right diagnosis is often more difficult to find for people in marginalized communities.

In the second of a two-part episode, Sarah Shaw and her doctor Courtney White, MD, discuss the need to educate the medical profession, especially in Black, Brown, and low-income communities, on the many symptoms of migraine so they can better serve patients in the BIPOC and LGBTQA+ communities.

Extra, Part I – “Please Believe Me, I Have Migraine”

As if migraine isn’t tough enough, imagine being a person in a marginalized community who must convince their doctor that their symptoms are real? Sarah Shaw went through six doctors before finding Courtney White, MD, who not only advocates for migraine patients but is one herself.

In the first of a two-part episode, Sarah and Dr. White discuss their migraine journeys, racial disparities in treatment, respect of the patient, and using social media to educate the BIPOC and LGBTQA+ communities.

“I am a neurologist and a headache specialist. I am also someone who does have migraine disease,” says Dr. White. “And I’ve gone through the experience of having difficulty finding a physician that would diagnose me and then treat me appropriately.”

Extra – Outfoxing Your Migraine

In this EXTRA episode, host Joe Coe welcomes renowned migraine specialist, author and podcast host Dr. Lindsay Weitzel. Lindsay describes her worst migraine attack, strategies for coping with migraine attacks and minimizing their severity, and how living with migraine affects family dynamics.

“You find yourself saying, ‘oh my God, I’m going to die, I’m going to die.’ You need to turn that around because your thoughts are nerve signals just like your pain,” says Dr. Lindsay Weitzel.

About Our Host

Joseph Coe is the Director of Education and Digital Strategy at the Global Healthy Living Foundation. He has lived with migraine for 20 years so he understands what it can do to your life.

As a migraine patient advocate, Joe knows the power of speaking up and being proactive when managing his complex neurological condition. 

Through personal conversations with fellow migraine and headache patients, Joe explores the challenges, hopes and triumphs of his guests. 

Catch up on season one of “Talking Head Pain” with Joe.

Episode 1

Migraine and Millennial Culture

Danielle discusses the pressures of life with migraine in the age of social media, as well as difficulties of managing a career while living with this debilitating condition. Danielle makes the call for transparent, honest conversations with others and explains the value of forging connections within the migraine community.

Episode 2

Cluster Nightmare

Joe, a retired firefighter, describes how he became the hero in his own personal headache nightmare. Joe’s life experiences and advocacy teach us that it is never weak to get help.

*Content warning, this episode contains sensitive content around the events of 9/11 and suicide.

Episode 3

Leading with Migraine

Lori, Executive Vice President, Human Resources at Amgen, shares her migraine journey and discusses how HR professionals can support people living with migraine. Lori’s story teaches us that no matter who you are in the migraine and headache community, we all have similar struggles, and using our voice is one way overcome them.

Episode 4

Black, Queer, and in Pain

Sarah Reneé, a patient advocate, shares her experiences of navigating migraine care as a person in various marginalized communities.

Episode 5

Married with Migraine

Cara, an author, and her husband Seth, cofounder of GHLF, talk about the impact of migraine as a married couple who are raising children.

Episode 6

Confronting Migraine Stereotypes

Sean, a retired member of the Canadian Air Force, recalls how he dealt with migraine while serving in the military and now how he helps other men get support.

*Content warning, this episode contains sensitive content around suicide.

Episode 7

“Clocked In” with Migraine

Dreama, a housekeeper, shares her experience of working with migraine as someone who is self-employed and often doing physical work.

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Migraine Audio Guides

Need some quick information about migraine? Have someone in your life that doesn’t really understand this disease?

Our free Talking Head Pain Patient Audio Guides offer valuable information and insights from leading experts that will help make you more informed.

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Episode 1

Understanding Your Headache

Learn the differences between headache disorders and common headaches. Hear about how to identify potential headache causes and triggers, as well as the significance of a migraine diary to establish headache patterns for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Audio Guide 2

Getting Headaches Diagnosed

The first step to proper treatment is getting a diagnosis. In this audio guide, we explore the importance of a proper diagnosis, how to get diagnosed, the causes and triggers of headache, and barriers to health care.

Audio Guide 3

Medical Treatment for Migraine and Headache

Learn more on the differences between headache disorders and common headaches, as well as acute and preventative migraine treatment options.

Audio Guide 4

Living Well With Migraine

In this audio guide, we explore lifestyle changes and nonmedical therapies to help you live well with migraine.

Audio Guide 5

Migraine on the Job

Get advice and information on how to navigate the complexities of the work environment with a migraine condition, as well as supporting others with migraine in the workplace.


Peter McAllister, M.D.

Neurologist, Medical Expert

Peter McAllister, M.D. Host Neurologist, Medical Expert Dr. McAllister is a board certified neurologist and director of The New England Center for Neurology and Headache. He holds clinical appointments at both Yale University School of Medicine and The Frank H. Netter School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University. 

As the former Director of the Headache Center, Concussion Center, and Clinical Research at Associated Neurologists of Southern Connecticut, Dr. McAllister is recognized as a “Top Doc’’ in Connecticut and New York, as well as a “Top Neurologist” by the U.S. News and World Report. He lectures nationally and has been the principle investigator on numerous clinical trials, as well as authored articles in the lay and scientific press. 

Dr. McAllister employs a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment as a practitioner. His area of expertise includes: headache, concussion, Multiple Sclerosis, ADHD, Lyme Disease, and complex neurological conditions.

Joseph Coe, MPA


Joseph Coe, the Director of Education and Digital Strategy at the Global Healthy Living Foundation, has been living with migraine since his teens. 

As a migraine patient advocate, Joe knows the power of speaking up and being proactive when managing his complex neurological condition. 

Through personal conversations with fellow migraine and headache patients, Joe explores the challenges, hopes and triumphs of his guests.

Tune into Talking Head Pain and hear how people like you have found ways to get relief.

More Resources

Living with migraine isn’t easy, there’s much to learn about symptoms, management, and treatment. As a non-profit organization dedicated to education, research, and advocacy, GHLF has plenty of free resources available to get you started.

Men with Migraine

Men get migraine too and “maning up” doesn’t make you strong it just prolongs your pain and suffering.

Blue Light and Migraine

Feeling like a vampire? Learn how blue light can trigger migraine.

What Migraine Feels Like

We asked the Chronic Migraine Awareness nonprofit community what migraine feels like. Here’s what they said.

Migraine Patient Guidelines

Vetted by medical experts and people living with migraine disease, our Migraine Patient Guidelines help you navigate your treatment choices for migraine.

Migraine in the Workplace Report

While our survey data suggests that most employers understand migraine to be a common problem, it also suggests some degree of indecision or inaction surrounding effective accommodation and treatment.

Migraine Caregiver Guidelines

Our guidelines educate caregivers about treatment options available to their loved ones to help prevent and manage migraine attacks.



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Talking Head Pain is a new podcast series produced by the non-profit Global Healthy Living Foundation, and made possible with support from Amgen. Through personal conversations with fellow patients, host Joseph Coe explores the challenges, barriers, and disparities that exist when it comes to migraine and headache disorders.

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